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About e-Filing

e-Filing system is a complete end to end solution developed for online filing of plaints, written statements, replies and various applications related to cases. Both Civil and Criminal cases can be filed before any High Court or District Court of the country. It is designed in Bilingual (English and local language) to reach wider group covering advocates/litigants.

e-Filing system provides several benefits;

  • Save time, money, travel of advocates and clients
  • Obviate the need to physically visit the court
  • Reduce the need of meetings between clients and advocates
  • Automatic digitization of case records
  • Positive impact on environment by reducing paper footprint

About eFiling

Features of e-Filing

Services from Home

Online e-File Service without requirement of visiting court.

Convenient & Time saving

Online case filing is very convenient and time saving.

Online Payment

Fees applicable to file case can be paid online.

Exclusive Portfolio

Litigants and Advocates can track their cases from My cases.

Readymade Templates

Editable ready-made templates for various pleadings

Online Submission of Vakalat

Online creation and submission of Vakalat


e-Signing of uploaded document by multiple parties

Online Payment

Online payment of court fee

Online Video Recording of Oath

Administer the oath by online video recording

Application Filing

Filing of several applications for different cases simultaneously

Portfolio Management

Portfolio and planner for managing cases

My Partners

Add colleagues, juniors etc as partners


Status of all the completed/pending case related activities

Want to e-File case without visiting court

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What is e-Filing ?

e-Filing system enables electronic filing of legal papers. Using e-filing, cases (both civil and criminal) can be filed before the High Courts and District Courts that have adopted e-Filing systems.

Introduction of e-Filing is aimed at promoting paperless filing and saving time and cost by adopting technological solutions to file cases before courts in India.

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